The Lincoln College McKinstry Library, along with the Alumni Office and the Lincoln Heritage Museum, has a collection of Lincoln College yearbooks, which were digitized. This digital collection contains images from Lincoln College yearbooks for years ranging from 1927 to 2007. Not every year is represented. The most common names for the yearbooks are the Lynx or Lynxite, but some other names are Echoes, Imprints, Lincolnian, and The Emancipator. The yearbooks do not cover the entire span of time that the College has been open. Only Lincoln Campus students are represented in this yearbook collection. These images might be of interest to researchers with an interest in Lincoln College, student demographics, clothing and hair styles, and extracurricular activities.

If you view the books online, the library recommends that you view them in full screen mode; otherwise, parts of the pages will be cut off. You can also download the books in PDF format. The Internet Archive also provides the yearbooks in Kindle format (.mobi), but the formatting is really messed up in those versions. If you want to load yearbooks onto a Kindle, the library recommends that you send the PDF files to your Kindle. The library hasn’t tested any other formats.

You can access the entire Internet Archive Web page for Lincoln College here. However, you will not be able to view the books in chronological order from that site.

Here are links to the scanned yearbooks in chronological order: