The library’s primary goal for the fall 2020 semester is to ensure the health and safety of the Lincoln College community by reducing the risk of contracting or transmitting covid-19 for students, faculty, and staff that interact with the library – while still delivering library services to the extent possible.  For full details of our efforts to safely reopen, see our Library Reopening Plan.

Fall 2020 – OPEN

Online First

The library is moving from “Online Only” to “Online First” in the fall.  We encourage patrons to make use of our collections, services, and support available online before considering an in-person visit.

ID Required

A Lincoln College ID must be scanned to enter the library

Mask Required

Per college policy, face coverings must be worn at all times when inside the library.

Solo Only

Due to social distancing measures, the library can only accommodate individual visitors – no groups.

Books/Physical Collections

Physical collections will be available, though library staff must retrieve materials from shelves.

I-share borrowing (borrowing from other libraries)will be available.

Pickup & Delivery

Contactless pickup or on-campus delivery is available by using the “request item” function through our new search system.

When requesting contactless pickup you will recieve a locker number and combination to retrieve your items from a secured locker in the lobby of the McKinstry Library building.

When requesting an on-campus delivery, we will reach out via email to confirm the delivery location.  We will only deliver to secured locations on the Lincoln campus.

Computers & Keyboard Checkout

Computers are available though we have fewer computers available due to social distancing efforts.  To assist with sanitization efforts, visitors must checkout a keyboard & mouse at the front desk and return it when they are finished.

Limit your Time

We ask that visitors limit their time in the library due to limited capacities and for safety reasons.


The library will maintain mostly regular hours with the exception of being closed on Saturdays:

Monday – Thursday 8am – 10pm
Friday 8am-5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday 3:30pm – 10pm

Signs & Notices

Please pay special attention to any new signs or notices regarding new procedures while in the library – like where to stand at the front desk and wiping down tables after use.


Please visit our FAQs for more information.  Or contact us directly through email, chat, Teams, and more.